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Portrait Painting "chiaroscuro tonale" Demo Video

Portrait painting has such an antique history and development that it is impossible to look at the contemporary take on it without tracing back its origin.

The importance of representing the character of an individual with accuracy (often times the commitment themselves) while at the same time being kind about it is a tricky path.

Self portrait is an interesting way to observe how those specific details that we may perceive as flaws are also part of what defines our unique appearance and makes us, us.

In the age of selfies and easy photoshopping, rediscovering the art of recording ourselves and those around us in a more personal and internally processed way is an added bonus. Through drawing and art we can redefine our standards and perceptions, reconnecting with both traditional and more modern techniques will gives us new tools to understand human character and emotions. 
- Giulia Caruso, Portrait Painting Workshop instructor  

Watch Giulia demonstrate the "chiaroscuro tonale" technique!