Painting Workshop: April 24 - May 30

This workshop is an introduction to the expressive and versatile medium of painting. Starting with basic color theory, learn how to mix colors and achieve a unified color world. Through exercises designed to show the difference between hue and value, or the relationship between complimentary colors, we sharpen our understanding of how colors interact and how to mix paint.  Learn step by step how to approach making a painting, exploring techniques for layering and using brushstrokes to create form and space.

While the focus is on representational painting from direct observation, such as from a still-life, there are still opportunities to explore individual style and personal expression. For example, in one class we create painting collages incorporating the students own photographs. We will also look to examples from both art history and contemporary art for technical and conceptual insights. A field trip to contemporary art galleries is a great opportunity to learn about Berlin's art scene and current trends in painting.

Non-toxic acrylic paint will be supplied. 
  • Course Schedule: April 25 - May 30, 2017
    • 6x on Tuesdays in the studio from 6-9 pm
    • 1 x Field trip on Saturday, May 13 from 12-2 pm 
  • Cost: 150 Euros (including paint)
  • Sign up:
  • Painting Supply List

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