Botanical Drawing Workshop

This workshop is offered in collaboration with the Prinzessinnengarten!
pressings in the style of an Herbarium sheet

Learn techniques for botanical illustration in this workshop held in collaboration with the Prinzessinnengarten Inspired by the tradition of Naturalists, who recorded specimens through detailed paintings and drawings, we will explore the fauna of Kreuzberg.

On Saturdays we meet in the Prinzessinnengarten and work out in the field. Matze, our plant-expert at the garden, will introduce us to the plants. Each week will focus on a different theme, such as medicinal plants, trees of the garden, etc... These notes can be incorporated into the illustrations.

On Wednesday evenings we meet in the studio, where we will focus on learning new techniques and finishing up works started in the field. Specimens will be available to work from in the studio, and we will always work from direct observation. Topics might include plant-pressings, cross-sections, succulents, etc...

The drawings and painting we make in this workshop will be more like the field notes kept in the sketch books of Naturalists than the highly polished and technical illustrations found in a botany textbook. These recordings are just as much about the subjective process of observation as they are about the recording of scientific fact. It is this process of gaining understanding through experience that leaves these illustrations somewhere on a spectrum between art and science. **

Techniques will include:
- line drawing with pencil and ink with watercolor as accent color
- building up layers with watercolor washes
- adding detail with special watercolor effects
- paying close attention to oft-overlooked subjects!

** The drawings made in this class and the techniques learned are intended for personal and artistic use, and not necessarily for scientific purposes.**

in the Glasshouse at the Prinzessinnengarten, painting medicinal plants

onion cross-section

mixing colors

rare Cobra Lily (Arisaema fargesii) specimen from Matze's personal collection

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