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Watercolor Workshop Supply List

I am really looking forward to the start of the Watercolor Workshop! Let's hope for good weather every Saturday when we paint in the field! 

To get started with watercolor, the most important single thing is the brush! 

Round Sable Watercolor Brush
This sable brush will be an investment, because unlike an oil painting brush, it will last many many years, as long as you only use it with watercolors.

It is also important that you get paper labelled for use with watercolor (Aquarell, Wasserfarbe). Watercolor paper has a high percentage of cotton fibers, best suited to absorb the liquid.

With the paints, you pretty much get what you pay for, in terms of amount of pigment contained within the paint. Therefore I would recommend, when possible, to buy smaller quantities of a higher quality paint if the price is similar to larger quantities of "student grade" paint.

I have included some examples from Boesner of what I consider to be reasonably priced paper and brushes. This is because it is also possible to spend 4x as much, but it is not necessary for this class!

Supply List


Round Brush size 8 (Sable if possible, or synthetic sable)
- Flat Wash Brush 1-2 cm wide (does not need to be sable, can be any type)
Reasonably priced round sable brushes at Boesner
Reasonably priced round synthetic sable brushes at Boesner
Reasonably priced synthetic sable brushes at Boesner


- Watercolor block A4 or larger (must be 300 g)
- Cold-press

Reasonable priced watercolor blocks at Boesner
left: 30x40 cm costs 14.75 euro, right: 24x30 cm costs 11.78 euro

Watercolor paints in box (Aquarell Malkasten). 
BLUECerulean Blue (or Pthalo Blue)French Ultramarine Blue
REDAlizarin CrimsonCadmium Red
YELLOWLemon Yellow (Cad.Yellow Pale)Cadmium Yellow 

Additional Colors: Payne's Grey, Burnt Sienna

Aquarell Malkasten
Additional Optional Colors: Violet, Greenish Yellow (Green Gold), Permanent Green, Viridian Green, Yellow Ochre, Neutral Tint, your choice!
Some brands have different names for the colors but if you show this list to someone in the store they should be able to advise you.

*Or buy a set, most sets will have what you need plus a few extra. 
  • Roll of white paper towels
  • Liter plastic water bottle that can be refilled
  • Cup or jar for water
  • A couple pencils, a white gum eraser, sharpener
  • Masking Fluid 
  • Watercolor block smaller format
  • Brush case for traveling
  • Cushion or stool for sitting
  • Lightweight travel easel

Where to shop
Find out guide to art supply shops in Berlin HERE