Microscopy Botanical Drawing

During the last class of the Winter Botanical Drawing Workshop, we conducted an experiment in microscopy drawing. We had various levels of magnification available, from a jewelers glass to a lab microscope. 

As winter melted into spring, we had our first flowers at the Berlin Drawing Room garden, the reliable Crocus. These made for a great specimen and we were all to examine the petals, pollen, and structure of the stamen-stigma-style in the center of the flower. We resorted to the epidermis of an onion for highest level of magnification, x400, so that we could get a single cell layer for the slide. 
preparing slides, focusing microscope 

we used a webcam to produce a live feed of the microscope image showing the cell structure of an onion epidermis 
sometimes a jewelers glass is just enough magnification to get closer to a subject

experimenting with different levels of magnification to draw Crocus
Here are some of the paintings produced from this experiment!

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