New Workshops in August 2018

I am very excited to announce our August workshop schedule! We have three new workshops with three new artist instructors.

Dive deep into the subject matter of water with artist and expert scuba diver Klara Hobza! The Drawing Water Workshop will explore the challenging task of drawing water in motion, using both traditional and experimental techniques. Klara is an internationally recognized artist and she will be sharing her technical tips and passion for water with the class. 

Expand and hybridize your understanding of what paper can be! Artist Loren Britton has focused their own artistic practice around paper-making, reinventing this traditional medium in both conceptual and sculptural forms. The Paper-making Workshop with Loren promises to be stimulating and fun, in both expected and unexpected ways.

And finally the workshop that many of you have been waiting for.. We are very excited to offer the Painting Workshop with internationally acclaimed painter Maureen Jeram. Maureen combines her training in Italian Renaissance painting with her studies under George Baselitz to give you an entirely fresh approach to traditional painting techniques.

It is a great honor to introduce you to Klara, Loren and Maureen. Check our TEAM page to learn more about these incredible artists and find links to their homepages.

To sign up for a workshop, including Botanical Drawing Workshop and Colors from Nature in July, please visit the homepage for each workshop linked below. There you will find a registration form. Or just reply to this email, that works too!

all the best,
Mira O'Brien
Founding Director
Berlin Drawing Room

Drawing Water Workshop

with Klara Hobza, artist, drawing instructor and expert scuba diver.
Immerse yourself in deep observation and self-expression through the process of drawing water in motion. Explore how observational drawing can lead to abstract imagery by focusing on the unique qualities of water such as movement, rhythm and texture.
We will use the techniques of layered line drawing with liquid ink brush and charcoal. Out in the field we will practice both quick motion studies and multi layered long studies. 
August 2 – 5, 2018
Thursday, August 2nd in the studio, 6 – 9 pm
Saturday, August 4th at the river Spree, 2 – 5 pm
Sunday, August 5th at the river Spree and at Karpfenteich, 2 – 5 pm
Cost: 80€ + 12€ Materials Fee*92€
        *Materials Fee includes: A4 Drawing Paper Block, Portfolio Folder, Waterbrush, Chinese Ink, Willow Charcoal

Paper-making Workshop

Get your hands wet in paper pulp while exploring the process of papermaking! This workshop takes a fresh look at the everyday material of paper, using an approach that is tactile, colorful and playful. Take your paper scraps and transform them into a new ‘drawing’, ‘painting’ or hybrid sculpture.
Pulling from histories of collective making we will explore the materiality of paper together. Learning from artist, Loren Britton, who uses this process in their own work, we will process, pulp, practice, and produce pulp works that embed bits of our own and collective history into a new object.
August 9 - 12, 2018
Thursday, August 9th: 6 - 9 pm
Saturday, August 11th: 12 - 4pm
Sunday, August 12th: 12 - 4pm
Cost: 130€
Materials included: Participants will be encouraged but not required to bring their own paper pulp materials for conceptual reasons.

Painting Workshop

An introduction to the expressive and versatile medium of painting with a focus on traditional painting methods. Starting with basic color theory, learn how to mix colors and achieve a unified color world. Through exercises designed to show the difference between hue and value, or the relationship between complimentary colors, we sharpen our understanding of how colors interact and how to mix paint.  Learn step by step how to craft a painting by exploring techniques for paint application, brushstrokes and composition to create form and space.

August 7 - September 11
6x on Wednesday in the studio from 6-9 pm
1 x Field trip on Saturday, September 1, 12-2pm
Cost: 160€ (includes non-toxic acrylic paint)

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