Watercolor Workshop: the Berlin Landscape

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Treptower Park, Spring 2013
In this Workshop we use the landscape of Berlin as a subject for learning the subtle medium of watercolor. Basic color theory will also be covered. Learn how to layer transparent colors to create the effects of cool shadows and warm sunlight, how to control the paint flow for fine detail as well as smooth backgrounds, and how to use the brush for different types of texture.

The Workshop will take place twice per week, first in the studio and then outdoors. The classes held in Berlin Drawing Room studio will focus on technique, which can then be applied in the field. We will meet every Saturday in a new location and paint plein-air.  See pictures below for some examples of past plein-air sites.

No experience required! This class is perfect for beginners as well as more advanced students who want to improve their skills or just discover interesting landscape locations with fellow painters!
Tiergarten (Spring 2013)

July 6 - July 27
-4 x on Wednesday in the studio 
from 6-9 pm 
- 3 x on Saturday in the field from 12-3 pm (July 9, 16, 23)
cost: 140 Euros 
- Find the supply list here

To sign up contact miraob@gmail.com and you will receive a registration form and payment instructions. 

"Thanks to Mira's lessons in just a few weeks my understanding of watercolours is light years ahead of where it was. She gave us some great tips and coaching and I now feel like I have a really firm grasp of the basics of colours and watercolours and a great skill for life." 
- Testimonial from Spring 2013, scroll down for full text.

Work from the Spring 2013 Watercolor Workshop
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  1. After the Life Drawing workshop with Mira, drawing has become so important in my life. Its like a diary of my days. And so meditative being some minutes daily completely in the "here and now" with my pencil and really "seeing" what is there before me. I am 64 yrs old and never could draw. But now, I can and love it.....A new and important way to be myself and witness my world. Thanks, Mira.
    Wayne Mcknight

  2. I took the watercolor class last summer and would recommend it to anyone regardless of skill level. I had no experience with watercolors, and really hardly any experience with painting when I took the class. Mira is an extremely patient/open/encouraging teacher and the plein air days are a lot of fun (if the rain doesn't put a damper on things!). She introduced me to a new way of looking at things, of seeing and understanding color in the world around us. Do it!

  3. I took this course in Spring 2013 and if you're considering it, here's my take starting with a bit about my background:

    I have always enjoyed being creative but I had neglected painting since I was a kid. Although I tried a few times in the past, I was never able to get my head around watercolours or use them effectively. Anything I tried always turned into a frustrating mess.

    Thanks to Mira's lessons in just a few weeks my understanding of watercolours is light years ahead of where it was. She gave us some great tips and coaching and I now feel like I have a really firm grasp of the basics of colours and watercolours and a great skill for life.

    When I picked up a brush to start the course, all my paintings turned into a big wet mess and the paper got all messed up but now I am able to produce stuff that I'm pretty pleased with. Here's some of the stuff I painted following the course: https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/960194_10151402306597100_1264159431_n.jpg

    Also, the classes are relaxed and fun - there's no pressure at all and the trips with the class made it easier to start painting outside.

  4. I took this course in spring 2013. It is not my first time with one of Mira's courses and it will surely not be the last. What is really important and unique about this course is the approach. You will learn how to develop your own painting, your own sight towards the world. It was pretty amazing, at the end of the course, to see how each of us had his own way to express a landscape or a figure. I strongly believe that the only way to develop autentic art is to free yourself from the "standard" concepts of reality and strive to reach your own, personal one. This is what you are encouraged to do here. You will of course also be helped technically, but I see this as a "minor" feature with respect to the greater, much more important goal that is finding your own expression world.

  5. The watercolor class was really fun. It was a pleasure to paint outside (and inside) under Mira's excellent yet laid-back tutelage. Everybody in the class, no matter what their level, produced some beautiful work to be proud of. Highly recommended!

  6. I took Mira's watercolor class this spring (2015). Mira provided helpful examples and guidance to get us started, but did not prescribing a particular style to follow, so there was great diversity in the kind of work we produced - we were each able to take the medium in our own direction.

    I had not touched a paintbrush in years, and I found the learning curve manageable. Now that the class is over I'm continuing to paint on my own and I really enjoy it!

    I had previously taken Mira's drawing class, which I would recommend, as it was helpful to have already practiced the basics of composition, perspective, and learning how to "see."

  7. It's a great workshop and doesn't matter if it is the first time that you pick-up the paintbrush or if you had some experience before.
    The class environment is excellent. Going as a group in the field trip, you get great subjects without felling uncomfortable of being outside painting. Learned about old watercolor masters, techniques, best practices and the most important how to enjoy watercolor.
    Definitely I must repeat it.