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Fall Drawing and Painting Workshops!

I'm really excited to announce two upcoming workshops, starting in September! The Drawing Workshop is a classic, and like I say, "Everyone should learn how to draw!"  

The Painting Workshop will be a challenging yet rewarding exploration into the counterintuitive world of color! A great follow up to the Drawing Workshop.

Sign up now by contacting Mira HERE

*** Mira will be away from the computer August 30 - September 6.  If you don't here back right away regarding your registration in a workshop, that is the reason! But not to worry, there is usually enough space for everyone who wants to join the class, so just assume all is good unless you here otherwise. And I will be writing marathon emails on the 7th! ***

Drawing Workshop: September 9 - October 14

the Berlin Drawing Room in action
This workshop introduces basic techniques in drawing, with a focus on drawing from observation. Exercises explore technique, medium and strategies in visual thinking. This class is a perfect introduction for beginners, with some new skills to be learned for the more experienced. You will see your skills improve, no matter what level you are starting at!

Each class is structured around a formal topic: contour lines, tonality, negative space, portraits, etc...  with examples from art-history and contemporary art, followed by a brief discussion. We will build technique through guided exercises, followed by time for experimentation and longer drawings. We will draw from a live model and from still-life creations.

We will make an excursion to draw the ready-made still-lives of Berlin’s Natural History Museum, including dinosaur bones and exotic taxidermy. This class will take the form of a Drawing Scavenger Hunt!

Location: Berlin Drawing Room in Kreuzberg, directions HERE
Schedule: Tuesday 6-9 pm (September 9 - October 14, 2014))
      - Field-Trip to the Natural History Museum on Saturday, October 4, 12-2 pm.
Cost: 140 Euro for the complete Workshop (7 classes: 6 regular plus 1 field-trip)
Sign-up: contact
                 - more about the instructor HERE
                 - limited to 10 students
Link to drawing supply list and suggestions where to purchase HERE

"I really recommend this classes to open minded people. Here you will learn basics or enhance your already established skills in a non academic way. You can alwais grab a book and learn about how you "should" draw lights and shadows, but this is different. This is about approaching reality, breaking through your "standards" and creating something that, sometimes surprisingly, is alwais definitely interesting. If you are not afraid of what can get out of your pencil when you let it go, just come to this workshop: it is the right place for you."   -  (Review by Simone Brizzi, participant of the Drawing Workshop)

Painting Workshop: September 10 - October 15

Painting Workshop
This workshop is an introduction into the expressive and versatile medium of painting.  

We will start with basic color theory, learning how to mix colors and achieve a unified color world. Through exercises designed to show the difference between hue and value, or the relationship between complimentary colors, we will sharpen our understanding of how colors interact and how to mix paint.  

We will learn step by step how to approach making a painting.  We will explore techniques for layering and using brushstrokes to create form and space.  Non-toxic acrylic paint will be supplied. 

The focus of the workshop will be on representational painting from direct observation, such as from a still-life or a self portrait looking in the mirror.  One exception will be the Painting Collage project, and there will be opportunities to explore individual style and personal expression.  

Location: Berlin Drawing Room in Kreuzberg, directions HERE
Schedule: Wednesday 6-9 pm (September 10 - October 15, 2014)
                   - Field Trip: Saturday, October 11, 12-2pm to see a painting exhibition.
Cost: 150 Euro for the complete Workshop (7 classes) including paint.
Sign-up: contact
                 - more about the instructor HERE
                 - limited to 10 students
Supplies: Acrylic Paint will be supplied. Brushes and paper available for purchase.

Painting Collage