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This workshop is a great opportunity to develop your own artistic vision and explore personal interests in a variety of media.  

We will look to contemporary artistic strategies to make idea based, process oriented projects.

The focus is on experimentation and going beyond conventional drawing or painting such as: using collage, painting on found surfaces, playing with scale or developing layers.

student working on final project
*All experience levels are welcome.

Topics will include, but will not be limited to:
  • Drawing and painting with a focus on abstraction/ layering.
  • Using your own body as a medium, making action based work.
  • Experimenting with collage and found materials.
  • Tracing and repetition: new ways to interpret old source material.
  • Personal projects: receive personalized consultation and advise on a final project.  
  • Group Critique: an open and encouraging environment to discuss ideas and get feedback. 

Drawing to music!

7 Classes: Jan 6 - Feb 10
                Wednesdays, 6-9 pm
                Field-trip (visiting galleries): Saturday, January 30, 12-2pm

Cost: 140 Euro

Materials: Most materials will be provided, some you will need to bring yourself and others you can find on the street. On the first class, we will discuss which materials you are interested in focusing on and I will advise you what to buy/ bring.

Sign upCONTACT miraob at gmail dot com

drawing with body movement


  1. I just loved the Mixed Media workshop! Mira gave us a thrilling new topic each week to work on. There was lots of room to experiment and to develop our own artistic thinking and skills. She was really helpful and always kind and made me draw and paint things I never thought I could. The general atmosphere of the workshop was also really great. I couldn't have wished for a better teacher to stat drawing and painting. Cannoz wait for Mixed Media part II! :)

  2. My second workshop after painting, and I enjoyed both of them so much. Wonderful group of people, and I really like the balance in the class of instruction, looking at other paintings for inspiration, and working on our own projects. The assignments themselves are also thought provoking and meaningful, and it is always fascinating to see how different each work is, though we start with the same framework of the assignment. I'm really looking forward to continuing in the fall!

  3. It was a fantastic workshop!! I enjoyed every assignment, we were able to get our hands on a wide variety of media and develop our creativity and artistic skills. I also learned a lot about art movements that I didn't know before and that I found really inspiring. Both Mira's advice and structure of the classes was wise and useful. I'm really happy I chose to take this workshop and would strongly recommended to any art-lover, no matter the level or experience.

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  5. It is a very interesting experience were you push yourself to create an art piece, even from everyday objects, reaching surprising results. Mira O'Brien is a very talented with a lot experience that will help you to think about others artistic point of view.
    I'm already looking forward for the next workshop at Berlin Drawing Room.

  6. I truly enjoyed every part of the workshop! The combination of simple assignments with short readings on historical backgrounds and contemporary art, and discussions through all classes, almost automatically lead to creating and understanding the process of developing more complex projects, and eventually our final project.