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Winter Drawing Workshop: January 7 - February 11

"Everybody can learn how to draw!"

Customized gift certificates are available for the Winter Drawing Workshop!

* includes a hand-made certificate by the class instructor.
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This class introduces basic techniques in drawing, with a focus on drawing from observation. Exercises explore technique, medium and strategies in visual thinking. The class is a perfect introduction for beginners, with something new even for the more experienced.

Each class is structured around a formal topic (contour lines, tonality, negative space...), with examples from art-history and a brief discussion. We will build technique through a series of guided exercises, followed by time for experimentation and longer drawings. We will draw from a live nude model and from still life creations.

We will make an excursion to draw the ready-made still-lives of Berlin’s Natural History Museum, including dinosaur bones and exotic taxidermy. This class will take the form of a "Drawing Scavenger Hunt"!

Drawing in the Natural History Museum

Location: Berlin Drawing Room in Kreuzberg
directions HERE

Schedule: Monday 6-9 pm
Field-Trip to the Natural History Museum on Saturday February 2, 12-3 pm.
Winter Drawing Workshop is January 7 - February 11, 2013

Cost: 120 Euro for the complete Workshop (7 classes: 6 regular plus 1 field-trip)

To sign up contact:
More about the instructor HERE

Link to drawing supply list and suggestions where to purchase HERE

the Berlin Drawing Room

life drawing from a live model!
Aktzeichnen: Check back later or CONTACT us for exact Life Drawing Dates, in case you interested in joining only on the days when we have a model.

GidsyDay Aktzeichnen: Reviews and Photos

Hey Everybody,

Just giving you an update on what has been going on with the Berlin Drawing Room during our Winter Pause, and what to look forward to. 
In November we had a special one-day Life Drawing Workshop to help Gidsy celebrate their one year birthday! It was a packed event, as you can see by some of the photos below. 
We also received some great reviews on the Gidsy website from participants. I will paste some of them here (scroll down), but you can also read them directly at

Looking ahead, the next Drawing Workshop will start January 7, 2013! The next Watercolor Workshop will start in April, 2013!

Reviews from Gidsy:

"My first Life drawing class ever, and surely not my last! Mira guided us through the first steps of life drawing with a lot of different techniques. I'm thinking of joining her classes on a more regular basis! Also the model was very professional and skilled."

"Thanx Mira. I learned heaps of techniques in a very short period of time!"

"It was a really great time , nice people and a warm, professional teacher. Thank you Mira :)"

"This was the first time for me with life drawing and it was really really good. From this experience I decided to do this on a regular basis and I definitely decided that I will join Mira´s drawing class in january."

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