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Private Workshops and Parties

Don't want to spend another year standing around the water cooler awkwardly with your coworkers? How about trying something more hands on! 

Include a Drawing Workshop as part of this years holiday office party!!

The Berlin Drawing Room gladly offers private workshops upon request! Come draw with a group of friends or colleagues! We can provide materials, models, and customized lessons to fit the interests of your group!

These Workshops are ideal for groups that want to get their creative energies flowing, or that just want to step out of their ordinary routine and into the studio of an artist. Sometimes getting your hands dirty is the best antidote for long days spent in front of a computer screen.

Check out the Drawing Refresher, a workshop designed for teams that want to enhance their creative thinking and problem solving skills.  

The Berlin Drawing Room has also hosted Hen Parties! Drawing from a live nude model is a super fun activity to do with friends, a great alternative to other silly things...

Rates are reasonable. Just get in touch for a personalized quote. Please include the number of people in your group and any specific interests or special requests.  We can host groups of up to ten people at the Berlin Drawing Room, or we can come to you. It is also possible to arrange alternate venues upon request.  CONTACT
Hen Party at the Berlin Drawing Room

There is the bride-to-be, see the veil?

Lot's of short poses meant a fast pace and lot's of drawings to take home!

Most of these ladies had no previous drawing experience,
but they did great and had a lot of fun!

Drawings from the Naturkundemuseum

Here are some images from the really fun field trip that the Fall Drawing Workshop took to the Naturkundemuseum.  The assignment was to complete a "Drawing Scavenger Hunt," which consisted of many drawing exercises to be completed through out the museum. 

The first task on the list was to make a 5 minute Blind Contour Drawing of a dinosaur skeleton! A real challenge considering that the Berlin Naturkundemuseum has the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world!!!

Other challenges included drawing the negative space between bones, making thumbnail sketches of various textures, and inventing a new species by combing parts from different animals! We started out as a group, and then split up to explore the museum and draw different animals. 

5 minute blind contour drawing 

result of 5 minute blind contour drawing!

assignment: "draw a dead animal as if it were alive"

invent a new species!

Here are just a few images from the last class of the Fall Drawing Workshop. We drew portraits of each other, the students took turns posing for the class. Many of them turned out great!

yeah, Tom Cruise was in the class!

Thank you everyone that participated in the Fall Drawing Workshop! It was such a great class!!