Message from Founder: Pricing Change in 2019

Dear BDR Community,

Our goal at the Berlin Drawing Room is to offer you high quality workshops led by professional artists at an accessible price. We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback, with the majority of our workshops in 2018 being completely SOLD OUT. This success has also led to some growing pains.

You might not have realized it, but the workshop prices have not included the usual 19% VAT (value added tax - sales tax), or in German MwSt. We have now grown to a size that we meet the requirement to add VAT.

Starting in 2019, all workshop prices will be subject to 19% VAT. Unfortunately we have no choice in the matter. This means a price increase for our students, with no additional income for us. Not fun, yet inevitable.

However, if you pay for a workshop that takes place in 2019 and the payment is received BEFORE December 31, 2018, you can skip the VAT. That's right! You have an entire month to sign up for workshops at the old prices!

I've made an extra effort to plan all our workshops as far in advance as possible, through March, so that you can take advantage of this loophole. Sign up now for 2019 workshop and pay no VAT.

We've got some incredible NEW workshops coming up, such as Color: Practice and Theory and Creative Drawing, as well as some classic favorites such as Drawing from Observation and Winter Botanical Drawing. See details below and on our website.

To sign up for any workshop, just follow the link to the workshop page and fill out the registration form. I'll be following up with more details and excitement regarding the new workshops in upcoming newsletters.

all the best,
Mira O'Brien
Founding Director
Berlin Drawing Room

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