Introducing Guest Artist Workshops: Cyanotype

In this series of intensive workshops we invite Guest Artists to teach a technique specific to their own practice. Guest Artists are highly accomplished in their respective mediums and have exhibited internationally.
Learn directly from the artists that are defining current trends and bringing fresh relevance to both traditional and experimental techniques!

Cyanotype: Drawing in Four Dimensions

September 10-11
Dive into the process of Cyanotype in this intensive weekend workshop! Cyanotype is a photographic technique that exposes images in sunlight. Creating an image requires no negatives but rather invites a direct approach that combines elements of drawing, painting and sculpture with the final element of time. Mix the alchemical concoction discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842 to create your own solutions, prepare, expose, and develop photosensitive paper. By learning the chemical process involved, you will also unlock infinite possibilities for deconstructing the medium to create unique effects. 
During this 2 day workshop, you can expect to learn:
- Chemistry involved in Cyanotype technique
- Results of using different types of paper and other surfaces for printing
- How to make test prints to set exposure time in varying weather conditions
- Tips for creating a sharper image, or a blurred "in-motion" image
- Experimental techniques for drawing and painting with Cyanotype
- Using tea to create varied tones
- Introduction to the history of Cyanotype and examples of artists, both historical and contemporary
Schedule: 11:00 - 15:00, September 10-11 (Saturday & Sunday)
Location: Hiroshi's studio near Moritzplatz, exact address given upon registration
Cost: 80 Euro (2 days, includes all chemistry, paper for test prints)
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