Documentation: Berlin Drawing Room Exhibition

Thank you everyone who came out to the first ever Berlin Drawing Room Exhibition! And a big round of applause for all of the participants!

All in all we had over 30 participants, contributing drawings, paintings and collages. I didn't count but we must have also had at least 100 visitors, as we were busy from 2-8pm.

In case you missed it, or you just want to relive the glory, here are some photos from the event!

Life Drawing

Jane Reznick
Liz Ziemk
Katja Gavrilova
Maria Gracia Colmenares 
Kate Perets
Sara Smed
Anna Stamp 
Brady Bowman
Qian Sun
Anni Kruse
Anni Kruse
Katja Gavrilova
Amy Hemeida
Anna Stamp

Keir Edmonds

Simone Brizzi
Anni Kruse
Liz Zeimk
Mayumi Kanagawa
Bennett Voyles 
Xiaoxi Zhu

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