Spring Drawing Workshop

by Mira O’Brien, Artist & Instructor

New class starts April 16! Sign up now to reserve your place! 
Contact miraob@gmail.com

This class introduces basic techniques in drawing, with a focus on drawing from observation. Exercises explore technique, medium and strategies in visual thinking. The class is a perfect introduction for beginners, with something new even for the more experienced.

Each class is structured around a formal topic (contour lines, tonality, negative space...), with examples from art-history and a brief discussion. We will build technique through a series of guided exercises, followed by time for experimentation and longer drawings. We will draw from a live model and from still life creations.

We will make several excursions to draw out in the field, including the ready-made still lives of Berlin’s Natural History Museum, the statues in the Pergamon Museum, and a plein air site.

Location: Mira’s studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin
Wrangelstrasse 31a

Schedule: Monday 6-9pm
- the field-trip will be scheduled at a different time
Spring Drawing Workshop is April 16 - June 4, 2012

Cost: 135 Euro for the complete Workshop (8 classes plus 1 field-trip) 
                             - recommended for beginners
            or 20 Euro per individual class

To sign up contact:

A selection of Student Work from the Fall Drawing Workshop

"Excellent for first-timers! Challenging for slightly more experienced!  
Stimulating for experienced artists too. You've got nothing to loose. Mira's Life drawing class was our highlight of the past summer."

-  Marta Hanson, Visiting Scholar, Max Plank Institute for the History of Science
(participant in the Summer Drawing Workshop, 2011)


  1. "The class was great! Never did any drawing before but now I know I can learn to do something I will like! (I actually liked what I was able to do yesterday, thanks to Mira's instruction and the wonderful warm-up.) I can learn this! A thrilling promise of things to be, and looking forward to MORE!"
    Wayne Mcknight

  2. I took drawing class when i was 10, i wish we had something like this.
    I miss that time!
    I would love to spend a few hours drawing a beautiful bird from observation, i am sure it is really soothing

    1. The perfect thing then would be to join us on our field trip to the Natural History Museum. There you can find hundreds of bird specimens to choose from!
      Here you can find details about this class: http://berlindrawingroom.blogspot.de/2012/01/drawing-in-natural-history-museum.html