Watercolor Location: Sunday July 15

For the last plein-air painting session of the Watercolor Workshop, we will meet in a quite unique and interesting location. It is a train yard in the Gleisdreieck area, and the good news is that we can hide under the old train tracks in case it rains. 
Since it is a little bit hard to find, we will meet at the Bülowstrasse U-Bahn station (under the station at the west-most end - ground level). But just in case you come late and want to try finding the way yourself, here are directions:

From Bülowstrasse on: go down the stairs to get out of the station; orient yourself towards the church (picture 1) and walk straight towards it 500m; then to the left of the church (picture 2), cross the curve of the street and go on 100m (picture 3). You'll see a little skatepark to your left. At the end of the pathway, you'll see a small door (picture 4), seeming to lead to private gardens (also noticeable : the sign for "beach61". Climb the stairs, to the left 10m, and you're there!

 Here are some images of the site, thanks to Alexandre Dupuis.

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