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Subtle Tones from John Ruskin to David Musgrave

 I was really struck by the similarity of these two drawings, made by artists from completely different eras. Both show a very nuanced use of tonal gradation to achieve a realistic effect, capturing the delicate texture of a leaf.

John Ruskin (1819-1900) helped to define the Victorian era as a great thinker and artist of the time. He was a Naturalist, artist, writer and social critic.

David Musgrave (b. 1973) is a contemporary conceptual artist working in London. I wonder if he was influenced by Ruskin? Looks like that is highly probable!

More information about both artists:
- Ruskin
- Musgrave (also some great images here!!)

Can you guess which drawing is by Ruskin and which by Musgrave? (answer below)

* top: Ruskin, bottom: Musgrave

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  1. Prof Prem raj Pushpakaran writes -- 2019 marks the 200th birth year of John Ruskin!!!