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Custom Workshops


Book a fun and creative custom drawing or painting workshop!

How do we learn to be creative? Or to solve problems in a creative way? Often this is attributed to inspiration, a force we assume we have no control over. But it turns out there is a lot we can do to put ourselves into the right frame of mind! During this workshop, your group will learn exercises designed to tap into the creative flow.

Workshops are customized to fit your group, however we have two successful models we recommend.

1) Drawing with Body Movement
During this workshop we will learn about the concept of a gesture and what it means to make a mark. Starting with a warm up exercise to loosen up, we will then work in partners to create large scale gestural paintings. We will also learn about artists who have employed this technique and discuss their strategies, from action painter Jackson Pollock to experimental choreographer Trisha Brown. 

See more examples from this workshop HERE

2) Life Drawing
Draw from a live model, nude or clothed. During this energetic workshop we draw from a variety of poses, progressing through a series of exercises from blind contour drawing to gestural drawing and more. We will look for shapes in negative space and find out what constitutes the essence of a pose. Our models are professional dancers and performers, bringing their own dynamic to the poses. 
This workshop is very successful with complete beginners, as well as those with more experience. 

1 or 2 Day Workshop
* Schedule a workshop for your team of 4 or more people!
* The workshop is customized for your office or classroom.
* Life Drawing with a nude model is a fun and creative way to kick off your Hen/ Stag Party!

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ABOUT instructor and artist Mira O'Brien.

Former clients have included: Bombardier, Gidsy, Chapman University, City of London Freemen's School, Berlin Collective and many individuals.

Hen Party at the Berlin Drawing Room


  1. I just wanted to feedback on what a great experience we had at The Berlin Drawing Room. 13 of us took part in a Life Drawing class as part of my friend's hen party celebrations in Berlin. We had a brilliant time! We didn't really know what to expect but the structure of the class was perfect for us novices - beginning with shorter sketches and increasing the length of sketching over the two hours. Mira was a great tutor and the model was very patient us, and happy to strike a pose with our Bride-to-be! All in all, our group would highly recommend a workshop with Mira - it's a great activity for a hen party, especially if you're looking for something a bit different. Thank you Mira and Antonius!

  2. Attended a life drawing class in april for a hen party. There was eight of us and we had a great time! The class was very relaxed and there was a great atmosphere, and had a few bottles of prosecco. Mira was very accommodating and helped to arrange a class for us even though we were coming from Northern Ireland. The bride really enjoyed doing something a bit different as part of the weekend. The class itself was fun and we were taught a number of different drawing techniques using charcoal. It was a nice introduction to the world of art, as noone in our group knew anything about drawing previously. Some of us are now thinkng of taking classes again! Thanks again for the great experience Mira and Dave!

    - Kirsty S

  3. Had a great experience at a life drawing class for a hen party in april. Eight of us went and we all had a great time. Class had a very relaxed atmosphere and we were taught a number of drawing techniques using charcoal, and had a few bottles of prosecco as well. The bride enjoyed doing something a bit different as part of her hen weekend. Would definitely want to take classes again. Mira was very acccommodating at arranging a class for us as we were coming from Northern Ireland. Thanks again Mira and Dave!