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Seeing White: Student Work

How to see white as a color!

In the Winter Painting Workshop, we painted from a still-life made up of all white objects.  This was an exercise designed to fine-tune our understanding of white paint and how to accurately observe white objects.  The perceived color of a white cup is effected by the color of the light and everything around it. There is reflected color in addition to the color of the object. Observing all the shades of white, and finding the myriad of colors to be perceived in a white still-life is great practice in observing the relativity of color!

My students did a great job with this exercise! They squinted their eyes, tenaciously mixed subtle shades of gray, yellow, pink, etc... And from an all white still life they  ended up with these remarkably colorful paintings!

See some of our influences here:
Artists who have made the color white the subject matter of their paintings!

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