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Negative Space in the garden

In the Drawing Workshop, the class on Negative Space is definately one of the most important. Being able to shift your focus between positive in negative space is a crucial skill in becoming a better observer. This is also one of the most abstract concepts to explain, but with practice, something just seems to click. Giving equal focus to positive and negative space within a composition is important to achieving unity in a picture.

We were lucky enough to have great weather last week, and got to draw in the lovely garden of the Berlin Drawing Room. Here are some images from that class.

Focusing on the negative space between leaves and branches

Observing tree branches against the sky through a mirror. Clever!

Using a viewfinder to frame the composition.

Final negative space drawing. These always remind me of pressed flowers. 

Result of drawing tree branches with the mirror. 
Can you identify the negative space here?

Result of a hard days work!

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