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Mixed Media Field-trip: Fall 2014

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Joanne Greenbaum's paintings at Galerie Crone
For each Mixed Media Workshop we take a day to look at contemporary artists engaging in mixed media techniques. This is a great way to get inspiration for the final project of the class and also to enjoy the experience of contemplating art. We always have great discussion about the art, with contributions from the variety of backgrounds we all bring to the work.

The Mixed Media field trip this time around was extra special because we go to meet artist Joanne Greenbaum at her exhibition at Galerie Crone and discuss her amazing painting with her in person! She spoke about the freedom she allows herself, when starting a new painting and not having any preconceived idea of how it should turn out. She does not make sketches but responds to the process itself. She also shared with us some insider information into the broad range of drawing and paintings tools she uses, often within one painting. Greenbaum likes to have a variety of mediums at her fingertips in the studio, so she can spontaneously choose to deploy different techniques. Everything from oil paint,  archival markers, oil sticks, to ballpoint pens and more.
See more views from this exhibition, as well as other work from Greenbaum, at her website

We also saw some impressive works on paper by young German artist Jorinda Voigt, at Johann König. Using collage, gold leaf, and scientific looking annotations, Voigt creates beautiful and poetic images. Find out more about this artist at the gallery website:

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