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Results of the Spring Watercolor Workshop!

I have so many wonderful images from the Spring Watercolor Workshop that I just had to share them! I am so impressed with the work my students made! Most of the people in this class were total beginners at the start. But by the end we had learned several techniques and concepts such as using transparent layers to build form, working with a limited palette to create a color world, and building up texture with a variety of brush strokes. 
So here are some images from the Spring Watercolor Workshop, including our excursions to Tiergarten and Treptower Park.  Enjoy!

(and look out for the Summer Watercolor Workshop in July!)

In this lesson we used photographic source material for our landscape paintings. 

Our lovely garden at the Berlin Drawing Room!


Treptower Park!

Last Class Exhibition!


  1. seriously, beginners? wow, that is an incredible outcome!

    1. yes well most of them did take the Drawing Workshop before taking the Watercolor Workshop, which also made for a great class dynamic. having returning students is a real honor as a teacher!