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Everyone should learn how to draw!” 
The Drawing Room has historically been a space
for sharing ideas and new discoveries. 
“Because not only does drawing strengthen the visual part of your brain, but it helps you to better observe what is right in front of you. Like learning a new way to see!” exclaims Mira O’Brien, artist and instructor at the Berlin Drawing Room.

If this approach sounds rigorous, the atmosphere at the Berlin Drawing Room is very open and encouraging. Most of the workshops are geared towards beginners, and start with the basics. Although traditional techniques are covered, Mira gives each lesson a contemporary twist, whether it is showing the work of contemporary artists like Rachel Whiteread along side 16th century Spanish painter Zubaron to convey concepts of negative space, or encouraging students to test out more experimental approaches. 

All Studio Workshops are taught in English, the native language of instructor Mira O’Brien. Mira is an internationally exhibited artist, and the workshops take place in a room connected to her Kreuzberg studio. With its large windows, high ceiling, and view onto a garden, the Berlin Drawing Room is certainly a lovely place to have a cup of tea, get some inspiration, and pick up a pencil.

Berlin Drawing Room Exhibition, 2014

The first Studio Workshop was the Summer Drawing Workshop, 2011. After a great response, Mira decided to continue the Drawing Workshop, as well as add several new workshops, including the Watercolor Workshop, Painting Workshop and Mixed Media!

Get to know Mira and the studio here

student drawing from the Natural History Museum
historic drawing room

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