Berlin Drawing Room seeks workshop locations

Starting in 2017 we are adopting a new more mobile format! 

We are looking for locations to host workshops, either as a one-off or on an ongoing basis. Project spaces, artist studios, co-working spaces are all options we would consider! If you have a space to offer or a recommendation we look forward to hearing from you:

Our workshops typically take place on evenings during the week or on the weekend. Workshop formats vary, from one day workshops to weekly/ bi-weekly workshops that meet over the course of 4-6 weeks. Find out more on our website:

Are you an artist and you would like to host a workshop in your own studio? Check out our Guest Artist Workshop Open Call

Space Requirements:
- Can host workshops with at least 10 students.
- Has a creative atmosphere that can handle a little bit of messiness.
- Reasonably priced: although we can't afford to pay a large sum for each usage, we would like to work with a few spaces on a regular basis with more than just a couple bookings.

Space Wishes:
- Artist run.
- Collaborative in nature and would offer some level of promotion, even if just an event listing in calendar. Berlin Drawing Room would obviously reciprocate!
- Would be interested in working together long term. 
- Could potentially store some still-life props, art-supplies, stackable table-tops/ chairs on a temporary basis to be used for in-progress workshops. 

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